Nice to see you ! Hajimemashite

I’m Yukiko. I am operating guided cycling tour in Tokyo, Japan. We (actually we are group of 4 people) started this tour in November 2006. Since then, although we have never put any advertisement, maybe thanks to Google, we have dear guests and the number is gradually increasing. (But still not so many… That’s why our tour is very cozy !!?)





<Young leaves of Ginko tree- a tree of Tokyo. Our tour service is also still young … but vital !? >


Recently one of our participants said ‘Hey, Yukiko, if you want to have more participants, better write Blog. It helps your website better placement in search results’ Actually before him, I have a few times to be said the same thing. So I decided to write this Blog. I hope this Blog can help people who have an interest visiting Tokyo near future.  But please do not expect too much ! Maybe our Blog is ‘ could be read always happily and could be sometimes useful’  

  < Today’s Tokyo  Sunny, 23C >


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    […] I started this Blog, I took a photo of baby Gingko leaf. And it became a young leaf and now matured. Soon, maybe 1 month later, we will see those leaves to […]

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