Rainy season has begun…

Here in Japan, we have rainy season (TSUYU or BAIU) same as other East Asian countries, and this wet season usually lasts for about one month. During these days, it rains almost everyday and sometime it rains hard and sometime just drizzling but steadily.

Rainy season makes me blue as I can not go out for cycling, or for other outdoor activities. (Actually we had to cancel the cycling tour two weeks in a row). I know rainy season is important for farm products especially for rice crops, but still depressing in rainy days…

Something more than this is now is good chance to watch beautiful Hydrangea flower bloom here and there in Tokyo. Many of famous viewing spots for Hydrangea are in temple or shrine. June and July is their best season. We, Japanese even think Hydrangea is more beautiful in rain than in sunshine.

It does not rain all the time even in rainy season, sometime we have nice weather and we go for the tour, so, please do not just give up for the cycling tour ! Just give us inquiry through our website.

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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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  1. Hello! The blog is a great idea, and it’s making me even more excited about my trip to Tokyo (leaving on June 28th). Hopefully rainy season is over by then, because I’m looking forward to doing the cycling tour while I’m there!

  2. >dujoducom-san,

    Hi, thank you for your commnet. And YOKOSO (welcome) to Tokyo.
    I hope rainy season is over when you are here. I’m looking forward to cycling together. If you have any question about the tour or general information about Tokyo, please don’t hesitate to ask us !

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