We have a very small office & storage for bikes in Shimbashi. So today I will explain how Shimbashi is a like.


In Tokyo, same as other big cities, there are many downtown areas, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Roppongi etc. And every area has its own character, very different each other. Young people rather go to Shibuya not to Ginza and vice versa.

Shimbashi – 2 stops from Tokyo station by JR and interchange sation to Ginza line of Tokyo metro or Toei Asakusa line or Yurikamome line. Near the station there are a lot of small restaurants, Izakaya or Japanese style pub, Karaokes etc. here really is saralymen’s (Japanese businessmen) heaven ! 5 min. walk from Ginza, but the atmosphere here is very different. Popular meeting spot for them before going for drink is infront of Steam Locomotion. In this place, you will also see TV reporters are standing near Shimbashi staton for TV shooting. When they want to interview gegneral businessmen’s voice, they come to Shmbashi to do so.



 But why Steam Locomotion?  … The reason is Shimbashi Station is in 1872 the first railway service in Japan started to operate between Shimbashi and Yokohama. Current Tokaido line, then stretched to west upto Kobe in 1889.

We can see the platform and rail of those days in the original place where 5 min walk from current Shimbashi station. And there is railway history museum, we can enter and take a look at free of charge.

Yukiko  @Shimbashi   30C Sunny !



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