Summer uniform


Just arrived ! Our summer uniforms. We bought in Hong Kong and printed our URL & logo in Gifu prefecture, Japan.

Yukiko @ Shimbashi 27C Cloudy…


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2 Responses to “Summer uniform”

  1. Henry Says:


    Could you please tell me the following:
    * What’s it made of? Cotton? Poly?
    * What’re the male sizes?
    * Do you have other colors?
    * What’s the cost for each?

    I maybe coming to visit Tokyo this Nov.
    Are you open in Nov?

    I came across your web site on a cycling magazine called Momentum ( that I picked up in Vancouver, Canada.
    I thought you might want to know that.

    Domo Arigato!

    Henry 🙂

  2. tokyocycling Says:

    Henry san,

    Thanks for your comment.
    First of all, I was very glad that you told us about Momentum Magazine.
    I saw their website. I didn’t know that they have a magazine too.
    Thank you for your information!

    And regarding to your question, our uniform is made of Poly.
    But, sorry …!! This uniform is for staff, we are not selling it.
    (Maybe we may think about to make one to sell later… 🙂 )

    And we are operating the tour on November, too.
    Please join our tour when you visit Tokyo, we are very much looking forward to ride with you.

    Best regards,


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