Today’s tour

When I started this Blog, I took a photo of baby Gingko leaf. And it became a young leaf and now matured. Soon, maybe 1 month later, we will see those leaves to turn their colour to yellow. Some of those Ginko trees on Gyoko street near Tokyo station bear their fruits (or nuts). They smell not so nice but taste very good ! We Japanese eat them when roasted and salted – Ginnan-, it fits very well with Sake ! 🙂

For today’s tour, originally we had 4 people to join , but unfortunately 3 of them (in one group) didn’t show… It was pitty as the weather was such a nice today!!  We had very nice cycling anyway !

Dear guests, we won’t charge you any cancel fee, so if you change your mind and can not join our tour, just let us know beforehand ! Thank you—

Yukiko @ Tokyo   Sunny  25 C


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