Today’s tour – Big festival is held in Asakusa

Our Sunday tour, we ride through some of the historic and cultural districts. In Edo period, three big entertainments for general people are Kabuki or Japanese puppet drama at theater, Sumo in Sumo theater and drinking and eating (or something other ?) at licenced quarter called Yoshiwara. All of them originally located in Nihonbashi area but as Edo town was expanding, those places were forced to move to suberb of Edo, which is near Asakusa area.

Asakusa is famouse for one old buddist temple named Senso-ji, and this year they celebrate the 50th anniversary since they rebuilt their main building after last building had been burnt down by fire.  That’s why now they are holding many special event for these 3 months. Not only domestic visitors but also people from overseas are visiting there and it is very crowded.

Photo :  @Asakusa  , temporary restored Kabuki theater ‘Nakamura theater’ In Edo period there are 3 theater which have license gaven by the goverment

Today’s tour, the guest from NY joined our tour 2 days in row. He seemed enjoying our tour very much. Thank you Mike !!

Yukiko @ Asakusa  Sunny >>> Cloudy  22 C


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