Thanks, guests !

During the tour, we are often asked that among all the participants from which country is the most common? Acutually, since we had started the tour in Nov 2006, we have hosted the people from 28 countries. And, so far, the participants from U.S.A. is by far the most common, followed by Australia and Hong Kong (same number), U.K. and Canada…

However, from no matter how many countries our guests come, the common characteristic is they are all friendly, considerate and happy person !! That’s why we, all staff have never gotten bored even though we go tour on the same route every time. We have to entertain the guests, but sometime we are cheered up by our guests.   Thank you very very much , our guests… !!

I put the photo given by one of our participants on the side wall of my desk. He shot this photo with Polaroid camera. Some of other participants  joked around saying that this camera is newest technology :)(….. Right side of this photo is me and a former Olympic ski slalomer  – Kiminobu Kimura, he was so cool ! )

Yukiko @ Shinbashi   Rainy  23 C


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