Late autumn – winter cycling

We are often asked whether we have a tour in winter or not. Yes, we are doing the tour all year around, except for New Year’s holiday and some other irregular cases. (Please check our website). Some of our guests are surprised to hear that, but cycling in winter is, in fact, very comfortable. Actually compared to the cycling in mid-summer, it is much easier. Ofcourse before we start to pedal, it’s cold and maybe we need jacket and long pants. But while we are pedaling, it gets warm very soon and we can feel very comfortable.

tokyo-weatherchart    tt002500_tokyo

As we can see from the data, we have less wet days in winter, so as long as we have sunlight, I can say at the temperature of 10-20 degrees is the best for cycling. What is good in winter season is…

(1) Not humid (2) Not sweat a lot  (It’s of course…)  (3) Clear sky  (4) Less rainfall   and so on… 

We’re having wonderful weather on last 2, 3 weekends continuously, so it became perfect condition for the tour. However, compare to August, September, October, the number of the participants are become less. (Maybe because the multiple reason of ending holiday season, ressession of world economy and exchange rate…)  Why don’t you try our bike tour in such a nice condition !


We won’t go cycling tour if we have rain or snow. I rather want to go skiing !!!  🙂


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