Cherry Blossom 2009 @ Tokyo


   Yesterday, the Japan Meterological Agency announced its forecasts of cherry blossom flowering times for this spring.

Accoording to them, it is expected to be warm in this March , same as in the last month, the cherry blossoms will open earlier than usual in this year in many parts of the country. In Kanto area including Tokyo, cherry blossoms will come out about 3 days ealier than usual year, it will be aournd 25th of March.



    東京 = Tokyo

   名古屋 = Nagoya 

   大阪 =  Osaka




For our bike tour,  March 28th, 29th and April 4th, 5th will be the best timing for cycling with cherry blossoms !  So please come and join us.



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2 Responses to “Cherry Blossom 2009 @ Tokyo”

  1. Honor Says:

    All the signs seem to be there – it’s going to be early this year : ) Enjoy your bike ride in the blossoms.

  2. Inosmesee Says:

    eh… thank you

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