Construction site of the new Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower, built in 1958 is 333m tall and it is still the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world.  It was originally built for TV and radio broadcasting purposes but because we have many more high rise buildings in Tokyo now, the current tower is not high enough to cover all the broadcasting area.  The city is planning a new Tokyo Tower, the “Tokyo Sky Tree”.

画像 1686


Last week, I went to the construction site of the Tokyo Sky Tree to see how it is progressing. Of course on my bike!  I couldn’t tell how much progress had been made but it sure is going forward!  At the moment, it’s about 20m high, almost as high as a ten floor apartment.  When the tower is completed in 2011, it will be 610m.

 Riding around this area on my bike, I could still feel the atmosphere of the “old and small downtown Tokyo”.  Maybe there will be drastic changes in this part of town in the coming years.   



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3 Responses to “Construction site of the new Tokyo Tower”

  1. alphachapbos Says:

    when was the Sky Tree image taken? june 2009 or earlier?

  2. febyfattah Says:

    hmm it made me remember of the tv drama Tokyo Tower. that was a great drama! 🙂

  3. tokyocycling Says:

    Oh, you know very well… Do you mean TV drama ” Tokyo Tower – Mom and me, and sometime Dad” which was broadcasted in Fuji TV?

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