Rainy season 2009









Rainy season is called “Tsuyu (梅雨)” in Japanese. It literally means “Plum Rain” , the reason being  that the plum fruit ripens during this time of the year, and  we have a lot of  rain during these months.

The Meteorological Agency officially announces the beginning and end of Tsuyu every year, and here is this year’s  forecast by the Weather News Company (Japanese page) for the Tokyo area.

  1. Forecast for 2009                 From   Jun. 8           to   Jul. 16
  2. Last year                                       May 29                Jul. 19
  3. Average year                                   Jun. 8                  Jul. 20

 [ It will rain gently and softly and the temperature will be lower than average  in June. Early July will be hot and humid, a bit of a break from the rain and towards the end, it is expected to rain rather heavily. ]

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