Yesterday I read an article on BBC.com saying that Tokyo is now the ‘most espensive expat city’ in the world. The reporter said in the article

>  that Tokyo’s top slot in the ranking would not surprise locals, who could find themselves paying $15 for a watermelon and $25 for a mango.

What !?  A mango costs U$25?  Impossible. Of course when people buy mangos at very expensive department stores where gifts are bought, they might cost that much, but a local Tokyoite like me buy fruits at a nearby supermarket. I had to do some market research last evening and found out it cost 680 yen (U$7) for a domestic mango and 298 yen (U$ 3) for a Mexican mango.

I know that some of the expats live in luxury apartments and shop at high end supermarkets…  maybe the BBC reporter is also having a good life in Tokyo ?!

 Tokyo Originally had and image of being “an expensive city” and togehter with the image of being “a very far place”. Tokyo has had few overseas visitors for a very long time. Finally the Japanese government is stepping up its campaign with “YOKOSO! Japan”. While the exchange rate does have a large impact as the article has mentioned, please remember that Tokyo (and Japan) is not necessarily expensive, there are many budget friendly way to travel. Visit Japan, you will know 🙂


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