Gundam An 18m-High Transformer

ガンダムI’m not, but many male population my age are or were fans of Gundam, a transformer which first went on air as a TV animation in April 1979. The year 2009 is the 30th anniversary and the reason for this  big project  – ” Green Tokyo Gundam Project“.  This is now being held in Tokyo. (July 11- Aug 31). A “real size” Gundam was created and stands tall in Odaiba.  How “real” is it? According to the comic artist, Gandam is 18 m tall, so the one in Odaiba is definitely big and real enough to attract many people, especially th 30-40 yr old one-time “BOYS”, now all grown up but still young  at heart!

We’ll be passing by this huge transformer during our bike tour  every Saturday.


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  1. 8-meter-Hello Kitty balloon will appear this summer! « Tokyo Great Cycling Tour Staff Blog Says:

    […] Maybe some of you still remeber that we had the 18-meter-high Gundam (Japanese animation transformer) showed up at Odaiba last summer. […]

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