Bike tour in Amsterdam

IMG_0732Hi, I’m Carlos. I recently took my summer vacation and the first stop was in the Netherlands to see my old friends.

As you know, Netherland is a great bicycle country, so how could I not  join a  bike tour?!  Of course I will! I participated in  Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam, as they organize English guided bike tour of the city. No need to book in advance, just drop by their bike storage place before the departure time, very easy. Maybe we should look into such operation in the future for our tours…  5-speed-citybikes were arranged for the tour. “We’ll need the gear to cycle over the  <Dutch Alps> ” the guide said 🙂

The day I joined the tour was a special day for the people in Amsterdam. It was the  “Gay Pride” Festival.

IMG_0726All of Amsterdam was completely packed! According to our tour guide, Sean, more than a half million people visit to see and participate in this special event. Tourists including myself enjoyed watching the decorated boats in the canal full of people dancing, singing and drinking their heats out!


The bike tour was wonderful, and so was the “Gay Pride Festival”. There are definitely so many ways to enjoy this bike country.


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