Weekday tours now available !

Thanks to our many guests who have commented and given a wonderful reviews on various  travel sites, we have recently seen a big jump in the number of guests than ever before. At the same time we have been receiving  more requests for weekday tours forquite some time.

And now ladies and gentlmen, we are happy to announce the start of our weekday tours from October! We will run the tours twice a week, Route A (Tokyo Bay Ride) on Tuesdays and Route B (Sumo Wrestler’s Ride) on Thursdays.  Those of you who are only staying in Tokyo during the week, these tours are for you! We hope to see you then!

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6 Responses to “Weekday tours now available !”

  1. Anthea Fry Says:

    I have just arrived in Tokyo so am upset to have missed today’s tour (Tuesday). I am only free Monday and Wednesday, can you recommend any other tour I can take, walking or biking to see some of the similar sights? I read the review of your tours in UK magazine ‘The Week’ and I was so looking forward to it!

    Thank you

  2. tokyocycling Says:

    Dear Anthea Fry

    Thank you for your comment.
    We’re also pity that we can not go cycling together with you yesterday.
    If you are coming with more than two people, we can arrange the tour on Monday or Wednesday.
    Regarding walking tour, here is the website for your reference…

    If you have further question, please feel free to ask us.

  3. Toan Nguyen Says:

    Hi, myself and my fiancee are coming to Tokyo on the 26th of Jan and leaving on the 31st and hoping to go on a bike tour. We don’t really mind which day we do the tour. Could you provide us with more info as to how the day plans out and how much it costs for the tour and for the bike hire. Thanks in advance.

  4. tokyocycling Says:

    Dear Toan Nguyen

    Welcome to Tokyo!
    We have the tour on 26th(Tue), 28th(Thr), 30th(Sat) and 31st (Sun) during your staying at Tokyo.
    Please see http://www.tokyocycling.jp for more details including the fee, places we visit etc.


  5. jac Says:

    Hi, I will be in Tokyo with my mum on 11 Mar. So I would like to join route B. The only problem is my flight will arrive at 730am. So it will take me about 2 hours to get there. Is it possible that I join the route B a bit later on 11 Mar ?

  6. tokyocycling Says:

    Dear Jac

    Thank you for your comment. We’ll send you e-mail about this matter.

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