Pleasant surprise

I was on today’s tour with three guests (Lucky me! They are all girls 🙂 ) and when we were at near Imperial Palace, we were stopped by the policemen saying that our Emperor and Empress would pass very soon. So we decided to wait a little bit there.

And maybe 5 minutes later, a black limousine arrived, in which Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were boarding. They opened the window and waved their hands. Four of us wore helmets and rode on the bike, probably were outstanding !

It was first time for me to see them at such a close distance. It was a really pleasant surprise for me!

Empress Michiko in her limousine.

Photo  taken by Masa


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One Response to “Pleasant surprise”

  1. Frank Lee Says:

    Wow Masa! You are lucky! We didn’t get to meet them last sunday! Hope you are fine and your daughter is very cute too!
    – Frank and Xinyuan from Singapore

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