Girl’s Day

In another name, “Doll’s festival”. March 3rd is the day when families display “Hina dolls” – elaborate dolls of the emperor and empress, and attendants in order to pray for their girls’ happiness and prosperity.   

On this day, we have some special food and drink. For example,  “Hishimochi” -a diamond-shaped three-color-rice cake, a colorful rice cracker called “Hina Arare” and “Amazake”- a sake made from fermented rice. etc. And special Sushi named “Chirashi Zushi” sushi rice flavored with sugar, vinegar, topped with raw fish and a variety of ingredients is often eaten.

There is widespread superstition in Japan, saying that unless families restore “Hina dolls” as soon as the festival is over, their girls might miss the chance to get married. 😦


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