The tallest tower in Japan

” The second Tokyo Tower”,  Tokyo Sky Tree  today became the tallest tower in Japan at 338 meters high. The construction began last year, so it took only one year to surpass the height of current Tokyo Tower of 333 meters, which is 9 meter taller than Eiffel Tower in Paris 🙂

Tokyo Sky Tree is scheduled to be 634 meters high when it is completed in the end of 2011.

I’m visiting the construction site of Tokyo Sky Tree on our route B every Tuesday and Sunday. Every time the tower is stretching skyward, we can see this scenery only before the construction will be finished. Everyone, join our route B tour to watch the evolving Tokyo Sky Tree!

 <Photo by Yukiko, Tokyo Sky Tree and cherry blossoms @ Asakusa>


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  1. 333 carp streamers were put up at Tokyo Tower « Tokyo Great Cycling Tour Staff Blog Says:

    […] Tokyo Tower, the second tallest tower in Japan, with its height of 333 meters, is now decorated with 333 carp streamers. Although its rival […]

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