Cherry blossoms are finally ending at Tokyo…

Today, I went to Hamamatsu to see my old friend. I also visited Hamamatsu castle, which has some connection with Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first Shogun in Edo period. The castle building is not not the original one but was reconstructed about 50 years ago, but it was still nice to walk around there while thinking about old history. Cherry blossoms with castle are actually good match, but cherry blossoms have started to fall down already, their petals are so beautifully dispersed by wind. Cherry blossoms are ending at Tokyo also, we are having rather cold April this year. And this cold spring brought long-lasting cherry blossoms than usual year, which was very lucky!

Japanese archipelago is very long from north to south, so if you go to northern part of Japan, you can enjoy cherry blossoms until middle of May!

You can check the status of cherry blossoms at this site. (Japanese only, but you can see the difference of colour. If it is pink, that means full bloom, and if it is brown, it still too early.)


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