333 carp streamers were put up at Tokyo Tower

Golden Week is approaching! We are really looking forward it.

The last day of the Golden Week, May 5th is “Children’s Day” originally called ” Boy’s Day”. On that day families with boys display warrior dolls (“Gogatsu Ningyo”) in their homes and fly carp streamers (“Koinobori”)outdoors. (Although it is very difficult to have a big garden to decorate a big fly carp streamer, especially in Tokyo…) The reason we fly carp streamers is because the carp is a symbol of successful career.

At Tokyo Tower, the second tallest tower in Japan, with its height of 333 meters, is now decorated with 333 carp streamers. Although its rival – Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest tower – is now becoming a hottest tourist spot in Tokyo attracting more and more visitors, Tokyo Tower still remains Tokyo’s No.1 symbol.


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