Buy one, get one free – good deal of limousine bus service to Narita airport

 As we wrote the article before,  new train service, named “Keisei Sky Access”  will open tomorrow. This train takes you from Narita Airport to Nippori station in 36 minutes, and the fare is 2,400 yen.

  We know, Narita Airport is very inconvenient from downtown Tokyo, so we expect Sky Access will intensify the competition among railway and limousine bus companies, and also expect as a result they will provide us better service 🙂

                           Sky Access                   Narita Express      

Tokyo  sta.            47min. (2,550yen)                 53 min. (2,940 yen)

Ikebukuro sta.     48 min. (2,560yen)               84 min. (3,110 yen)

Shinjuku sta.        56 min. (2,590 yen)               79 min. (3,110 yen)

   As one of the results, maybe, limousine bus company has now started “T-CAT family discount campaign”. When you buy the limousine bus ticket to Narita airport at T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal), the ticket for one child is waived. The campaign is available during July 16 to August 31.  Access to T-CAT, please see here.


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