Summer Evening Ride

How many times did I see this screen in this summer? I check the weather forecast quite often concerning the next several days’ weather as a tour operator. Of course I always expect marks of the sun, but this year I saw really red sun mark which is put when the temperature is over 35 degrees.

Originally Tokyo’s summer is very hot and humid, but this year is a bit too much. Actually more and more people are being rushed to hospital with heat stroke this summer.

We are taking good care of our guests not to have heat stroke during the tour, but at the same time we are also recommending to join our Summer Evening Ride (and not for one day tour) for those who are not confident about their stamina.

Summer Evening Ride is for 1.5 hours and the terrain is pretty flat. We can feel nice breeze when we cycle along the river. We also go water front area of Tokyo Bay. It’s very nice and relax.


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