Sydney Great Cycling Tour!

Hi, I’m Carlos ! Como vai voce ?

I went to New Zealand for my summer vacation to ski and I stopped over in Sydney for just one day, but I had a really great time there!! My friend Wayne who was originally one of our bike tour guests and joined our tour repeatedly and thus now we are very good friend. He took me one day cycling tour to cover all the interesting places for tourists. It was really Sydney Great Cycling Tour!!! I still can’t believe that happened only in one day. I cycled through beautiful parks, visited Sydney fish market to try fresh oyster and shrimp with crispy Chardonnay, famous Opera House, crossed Harbor bridge etc…

It’s winter in Australia of course, but it is not cold at all but sunny and comfortable. I actually needed a light jacket sometime, but Wayne, he is strong, wear only a T-shirt and a half pants. His T-shirt? Look at his back…

Oh! This is a TGCT shirt!!

Again, I had a great time. Thank you, Wayne.

You can check the route he took me  here


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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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