Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.2 ~ by Carlos ~

Carlos, who is working for Japanese company during the week and has lots of chances to eat outside with his clients, has his long restaurants list.

Today’s are Carlos’ favorites !


Name :  武蔵 Musashi Shinbashi Karasumori

Category :  Robata Yaki/Izakaya

– Enjoy traditional Japanese Robata-yaki BBQ at very competitive prices @290 yen
– Only 3 mins on foot from JR/Tokyo Metro Shinbashi Station

ちゃんこ 巴潟 Chanko Tomoegata

– Chanko (Sumo Wrestlers’ Favorite Hot Pot)

– Experiment what Sumo Wrestlers enjoy at Tomoegata run by retired Sumo wrestler

– Located near by National Stadium or 3 mins on foot from JR Ryogoku Station

柳橋 大黒屋 Yanagibashi Daikokuya

– Tenpura

– Enjoy Tenpura cooked just in front of you in a very authentic mood

– Daikokuya is located near by JR Asakusabashi Station. Reservation recommended.

ビーフ亭 中目黒 Beef-Tei Nakameguro

– Steak & Wine or Korean BBQ

– Wagyu or famous Japanese beef fostered with beer and massage is available here at only 1,980 yen per 100g

– You can chose Steak & Wine on 2nd floor or Korean BBQ on Ground floor run by a father and his 3 boys

– 2 mins on foot from Tokyo Metro Nakameguro Station

水炊き 清水 Mizutaki Shimizu

– Chicken Sashimi & Hot Pot

– Hidden nice restaurant along with Meguro River, famous for Cherry Blossom, 5 mins on foot from Tokyo Metro Nakameguro Station

– Shimizu’s chicken is so fresh, healthy and tasty to the extent you can enjoy Sashimi Chicken!

– Reservation recommended to get the seats facing to Meguro River covered by many cherry blossom trees

Photo @ Musashi / Robata Yaki

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