Low cost airport limousine bus service - 1,000 yen !

New limousine bus service connecting Narita Airport and Asakusa/Ueno will start on December 1, 2010. It costs only 1,000 yen one way per person and it is almost one-third of existing limousine bus. Super shuttle is the name of this service and we can reserve the seat on-line and pay by credit card.

Super Shuttle   http://supershuttle.jp/en/ (English)

New train service has already started in July this year, too, so now we have more options to go and come from Narita airport. It is welcome change that Narita airport becomes more easy access to everyone!


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4 Responses to “Low cost airport limousine bus service - 1,000 yen !”

  1. Eme McFresh Says:

    what a good deal. thx

  2. Audrey Medworth Says:

    this post is really great since it has been helpful and at the same time, informative. Really worth the read! I do hope that you’d still keep on posting such informative articles like this. 🙂

  3. limousine service airport Says:

    That’s great.You doing really great job.

  4. airport limousine Says:

    The information provided by is really worth full and your blog is nice and creative.Thanks for it.

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