Let’s be well-prepared for cycling in a frigid winter !!!

The end of January to February is the coldest period of the year in Tokyo. The highest temperature is below 10 degrees and it’s really cold in a shade.

But don’t worry too much!! If you are well-prepared in a proper clothes, cycling in Tokyo’s winter is very comfortable and you can enjoy clear blue sky with nice view, even Mt. Fuji. When I go for the tour, I usually wear like this picture… Do I look like a snowman!? Well… comfortable cycling is more important than outside appearance!

If I am still cold, no problem! I have a “trump card”.  A disposable body warmer or a stick-on type heating patch, which is called “Kairo” in Japanese, helps me a lot!!!  In this season, we can buy them very easily at any convenience stores or drug stores at 200 yen – 400 yen per 10 sheets.

When I put this on my back, it can last nearly 12 hours and makes my whole body very warm. It is good not only for cycling, but also for skiing. One thing you really have to care is NOT TO PLASTER the heat patch directly on your skin, but on your first or second layer. It may cause the low temperature burn if you put on your skin. The proper way is like this picture.

So, let’s get ready in warm clothes to join our tour!!!


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14 Responses to “Let’s be well-prepared for cycling in a frigid winter !!!”

  1. Georgette Shabaz Says:

    I’ll be arriving Tokyo on February 25. Leaving on March 7. I’ll love to do see tokyo on a bike.

  2. tokyocycling Says:

    We have tours on Feb 25 (Fri.), 26, 27, Mar 1,3,5 and 6. Please join us!! Please make a reservation from our website. http://www.tokyocycling.jp

  3. Craigzee Says:

    This trip looks great! will it be running on 16th or 17th of feb?

  4. Phil Rose Says:

    I would love to do this trip – any chance it will be running on Sun 13th – this is the only day I can do it?

  5. kimberly simpson Says:

    I was interested in a bike tour on Monday the 21st?

  6. MMC Says:

    we are there from March 4-11. We just booked a tour on March 4. Will that work?

  7. tjahyo Says:

    Hi, I am planning to go biking while taking photograph on Feb 9. Is there any tour on that day? Can I rent the bike?

  8. Joey Tsai Says:

    For December, what kind of cloth is suitable? Never cycling in winter before and we worry too cold for us

    • tokyocycling Says:

      The picture on this blog entry is the wear we use in the mid winter. In December, if the temperature is still around 15 degrees, maybe you need a fleece and wind proof jacket. Cheers!

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