Cherry Blossom Forecast 2011

You can know how much Japanese people love cherry blossoms if you come to Japan in early spring and see they are having parties under the cherry trees. So normally starting from the end of February, when people feel the sign of  spring season, they start to predict when the flower (=cherry flower) blooms.

The Japan Meteorological Agency started issuing cherry blossom forecasts in 1955, but it recently concluded that the forecasts were no longer necessary because a variety of private companies also offer the service. And those companies compete each other how accurately they can predict.

Here are their forecasts for this year for each areas in Japan.

From the left, forecast by Japan Weather Association, Weather News, Weather Map.

And the days they forecast for cherry blossoms bloom, from the top

for Miyazaki(宮崎), Oita(大分), Kochi(高地), Hiroshima(広島), Wakayama(和歌山), Nara (奈良), Kobe(神戸), Osaka (大阪), Kyoto(京都), Nagoya(名古屋), Tokyo(東京), Sendai(仙台), Sapporo(札幌)

The forecast map by Weather News

Forecast map by JWA

It’s very interesting to see each private company is doing its best to have the accurate forecast.

Anyway, it is likely to bloom on and around the last week of March. So our bike tours on March 29, 31, April 2 and 3 will be very busy. Please make sure to book in advance 🙂

One kind of early flower cherry (Kawazu Sakura) is on its full bloom in the Imperial Palace. A green bird is enjoying flower nectar on the branch.


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