From Tokyo to Karuizawa ~ Long bike ride in my Golden Week vacation

It has been my long time target to go to Karuizawa in Nagano from my house in Tokyo by bike. It is about 190 km.  I’m doing the tours mostly four days every week and that means I ride a bike about 120 km every week. And it is helping me to stay healthy (maybe?). But so far, my longest distance of bike riding in one day is about 85 km which I had done in Norway three years ago.

Fortunately or unfortunately, at this moment I’m not so busy as usual year as many of our tours were cancelled due to the disaster, I decided to set my plan into action this Golden Week. I asked my friend, Pierre to go together as he had done the same bike ride before.

 On April 29, I left my house at 4:00 am for Pierre’s house and we started our trip together. We took nice and easy path by the river same as Pierre did last year. Here is the similar route.

The weather was just perfect for cycling and lots of colorful flowers were blooming, so beautiful! It was just very comfortable cycling ! ….. for the first 1/3 of the distance. Gradually my knee and ankle started to hurt and it was getting worse and worse. As last 20 km from Yokokawa to Karuizawa, we had to climb the hill from 300 meters to 1,000 meters (Usui Pass), once I was almost about to give up continuing, but Pierre was kind enough to cheer me up patiently.

It also got dark, we were delaying about 2 hours from our original plan. But finally we arrived at Karuizawa at 7:00 pm after 15 hours we left Tokyo!

I was so — exhausted and I took almost three days to recover after this, but my face looks very happy, doesn’t it?  🙂



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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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