Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012

As we wrote on our blog last year, early March is the time we start to predict on which date the first cherry blossom blooms and we feel very nervous but at the same time we very much look forward to it.

Here are the “Kaika Yoso (Cherry blossom forecast) 2012” announced by a few different companies.

<Weather News>


<Weather Map>

Seeing their forecast the place where people can see cherry blossom at the earliest is Shizuoka, and then in Tokyo it seems cherry blossom will start to bloom on around March 31st., and the flower will be full bloom on around April 5th. 


We have tours on March 29th. (route B),  April 1st. (route B), 3rd. (route A), 4th. (route C), 5th.(route B), 7th. (route A) and 8th. (route B). Sorry but March 31st. is fully booked and only one spot is available for 7th. tour. You will make it if you hurry!  😉


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