TGCT. Thank you.

Image<Photo (R) Masa>

We’ll never forget the day – March 11th. We’ll never forget the victims of the earthquake and the Tsunami. We’ll never forget all the help, assistance, prayer, compassion and sympathy and warm message from all over the world!

We were prostrated with sorrow and felt powerless and helpless. But we were cheered up a lot by your e-mails. Many of our guests sent us e-mails or even cards although we had met only once on our bike tour… We cried many times after the disaster not because of the anger or sadness but because of everyone’s kindness.

Thank you, Jason and Imelda, for coming to our bike tour not escaping from Japan, thank you, Peter, for coming back to Japan with you dad right after the earthquake, thank you, Paul and Stephen, for visiting Japan for your first time, thank you, Maiko and Allen, for your booking request e-mail right after the nuclear plant explosion while we were struggling to reply all the cancellation e-mails… Thank you everyone who joined and shared the time with us last year. We’ll never forget!

TGCT.  Thank you.


< Photo (R) Masa>


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One Response to “TGCT. Thank you.”

  1. peter kane Says:

    Thank you as well. In Australia there are many news articles and TV shows remembering the earthquake and tsunami today. Japan has many friends. I hope to return soon, and I am saying prayers for Japan. My thoughts and best wishes are with you on this sad commemoration.

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