Pancake from Tokyo???


We have a kind of pancake, called “Okonomi-yaki”, which is one of the popular cuisine in Japan. The above photo is a typical Okonomi-yaki you can find at restaurants. I think many of foreigners who come to Japan will try this at least once. The good point of Okonomi-yaki is that customers are requested to cook that for themselves at restaurants. These restaurants has a special hot plate in the moddle of the table, where customers cook Okonomi-yaki. This is very enjoyable since people enjoy cooking together. No skill is needed for the cooking.

By the way, Okonomi-yaki is not from Tokyo, but from Western part of Japan. Tokyo actually has “Monja-yaki”, which could be seen as Tokyo version of the pancake. As a person who was born and has grown up in Tokyo, I advocate Monja-yaki more than Okonomi-yaki. How does it look like, and how does it taste? You can try that in Tokyo ! I will post the pics next time.


2 Responses to “Pancake from Tokyo???”

  1. Georgette Shabaz Says:

    I cried so much when I got back; one day from Japan. I left my friends, with much regrets. I’ll be coming back;and do a bike trips.Stay well.Gigi

  2. tokyocycling Says:

    Thank you, Gigi, for your kind message. We miss you so much and would be more than happy to guide you around the city of Tokyo. Please kindly contact us anytime.

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