“Zundbar” – A Ramen Bar

Inside Zundbar

Inside Zundbar

Japanese noodle, known as “Ramen,” is one of the most loved food in Japan. Various Ramen restaurants exist all over Japan, and each of them has different tastes. I am one of the Ramen-lover, and I think I have been to most of the major Ramen restaurants in and around Tokyo area.

Today, I have been to a very popular Ramen restaurant near Tokyo, called “Zundbar.” It was my first time to go there. The restaurant gave me an impression of a bar, though it serves Ramen instead of any alcohols. The taste of the Ramen was also very enjoyable.

Zundbar's entry menu

Zundbar's entry menu

It is very difficult to access the restaurant. You cannot reach there by train, or by bus. You need to use a car, or taxi to reach the restaurant. Yet, the restaurant is very popular. Though I came to the restaurant a bit before the opening hour, there were many others waiting for the opening of the restaurant.

I am pretty sure that you will enjoy Zundbar, for its design, and for its Ramen’s taste. Try it when you come to Japan.


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