Matsuri- Festivals held this weekend in Tokyo

Sanno Matsuri

A few major festivals will be held in Tokyo this weekend. As those festivals were cancelled last year because of the disaster happened in March, Japanese people are looking forward to those festivals especially this year.

1. Sanno Matsuri  at Hie Shrine

June 7 (Thu.) – 17(Sun.) 

Main Event :  Jinko Matsuri on June 8th. (Fri.)   :  This festival was originally started in Edo period, more than 380 years ago.  The three biggest festivals in Tokyo. Hundreds of people dressed in historical costumes will set off in a procession and parade in the center of Tokyo.<image> The scene is very gorgeous and very special, too.

– what time and where you can see the procession?

7:45  depart from Hie Shrine at Akasaka  >  10:10  Yasukuni Shrine  >  11:45  The Imperial Palace (Sakashita Gate) > 12:20  Tokyo Station (Marunouchi exit) > 13:25  Nihombashi Hie Shrine > 15:15  Ginza 4-Chome intersection >  16:15 Imperial Hotel > 17:00 Return Hie Shrine   Detail PDF

2. Tsukiji Lion Matsuri at Namiyoke Shrine, Tsukiji

June 7 (Thu.)  –  10 (Sun.)

Main Event :  Togyo on June 9 (Sat.). This year people’s passion and enthusiasm  are very special. The shrine’s name, ‘Namiyoke” literary means “keeping away from the wave”, because this shrine was originally established for fishermen. But this year everyone wants to commemorate for the victims from Tsunami and pray for the safety from the wave.

– what time and where you can see the Omikoshi (portable shrine)?

12:55 Depart from the shrine > 17:00 Tsukiji station > 21:00 Return to the shrine    Detail PDF


Don’t miss this chance if you are in Tokyo this time. Please don’t forget to bring your camera with you!


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