Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.6 ~ by Take ~

Hi there,

Well, this is already Volume 6 of the series, so I would like to provide a different taste here. I believe people would like to try something special in Japan. The other guides have already recommended some restaurants that are nice in terms of taste. Different from them, I would like to suggest 3 restaurants that provides you unforgettable experiences rather than tastes.



Name: “Ninja Akasaka”

Area: Akasaka

Have you ever met any Ninja before? here, you can meet ninjas, who could kindly serve you a meal. I have used this place for both private and business, and this place was very much appreciated by my guests in both cases.



Name: “The Lock Up”

Location: several places in Tokyo

I have long wondered how prisoner enjoys meals in jails. This restaurants gives you a chance to experience the meal in jails. Note that you need to go there with a partner since you and she/he will be handcuffed. If your heart is not that strong, please do not consider going there. (This place is not recommended for business use, but is very entertaining if you go there with your partner)



Name: “The story of Taketori”

Location: several places in Tokyo

The theme of the restaurant is a Japanese fairytale-like story. Very cozy place with inexpensive menu.


That’s for now. I’ll come back to the blog from time to time. till then ^^;


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