Summer Festivals in Tokyo, 2012

Traditionally many festivals have been long held in the mid of July to August to worship our ancestors and also reward farmers after the busy periods of rice planting.

Most of the festivals are normally held in the evening. People want to come out for the festivals to enjoy cool evening breeze. If you’re in Tokyo during this season, just try to stroll in the town to meet local people. People will welcome you! (They may be all very happily excited and high spirits!



<Date.Time>                               <Name of the festival>                    <Place>

Jul 13-15   6pm – 9pm   Tsukuda Island Bon Dance Festival      Tsukuda, Chu0-ku ( Tsukishima station  Yurakucho Line,Toeii Oedo Line)


Jul 13-16  5pm – 9 pm     Mitama Festival                 Yasukuni Shrine, Chiyoda-ku (Kudanshita station Hanzomon Line or Toei Shinjuku Line)


Jul 21, 22   10am – 6 pm   Gold Fish Festival         Gyosen Park, Edogawa-ku   (Nishikasai station   Tozai Line)


Jul 25-28  5:30 pm- 10pm  Kagurazaka Festival     Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku  ( Iidabashi station   JR, Yurakucho, Nanboku, Tozai Line)


Jul 26, 27  3pm-9pm     Shinbashi Koichi Festival       Shinbashi, Minato-ku   (Shinbashi station     JR, Ginza Line)


Jul 27, 28  6pm-9:30 pm     Zojoji Bon Dance Festival      Zojoji, Minato-ku  (Hamamatsucho station JR/Shibakoen station Toei Mita Line )


Jul 28,29   1pm-6pm    Haneda Festival       Haneda Shrine   (Otorii station  Keikyu Line)


Jul 28-Aug 1   6pm-9pm      Sugamo Togenuki Jizo Bon Dance Festival     Togenuki Jizoson   (Sugamo station   JR, Toei Mita Line)


Jul 28-30    -9:30 pm    Meiji Emperor Memorial Ceremony    Meiji Shrine  (Harajuku station    JR)


July 28   7pm-8:30 pm    Sumida River Fireworks Festival     Asakusa  ( Asakusa station Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line)


Aug  1-4    7pm-9pm     Tsukiji Honganji Bon Dance Festival       Tsukiji Honganji (Tsukiji  station Hibiya Line)


Aug 1,2   7pm-9pm    Hanazojo Bon Dance Festival       Hanazono Shrine  (Shinjuku)


Aug 3-7   10am – 9pm      Asagaya Tanabata Festvial    (Asagaya   JR)


Aug 4  7:15pm-8:30pm    Edogawa Fireworks Festival   ( Shinozaki   Toei Shinjuku Line)


Aug 4-6    10am-7pm      Tsukuda Festival     Tsukuda Island  (Tsukishima  Yurakucho Line, Toei Oedo Line)


Aug 11-15   4pm-7pm      Fukagawa Hachiman Festival      Tomioka Hachimangu (Monzen Nakacho   Tozai Line, Toei Oedo Line)


Aug 11   7pm-8:20pm     Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festvial     Harumi


Aug 17,18   6pm-9pm   Marunouchi Bon Dance Festival      Hibiya Park (Hibiya Hibiya Line, Yurakucho  JR, Yurakucho Line)


Aug 24,25   6pm-9pm   Oedo Bon Dance Festival      Hamacho Park  (Hamacho station  Toei Shinjuku Line)


Aug  25     1:30 pm-6pm   Asakusa Samba Carnival      Asakusa (Asakusa station  Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line)


Aug  25, 26  5pm-8pm   Koenji Awa Dance Festival      Koenji  (Koenji station JR)


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