See you again somewhere in the world!

Last page of our presentation book

Hi, Iā€™m Carlos ! Como vai voce ?

This picture is the last page of our presentation book which we use for our tour.When we finish our tour at the Imperial Palace, we always show this page to our guests. Hoping to see them again, and yes, actually some of our guests come back to our tour in later time! This is one of the happiest moments for us to meet our previous guests on the tour.

But actually I had never imagined to see them “somewhere in the world” other than in Japan. But it happened this summer to me!!

I was in London this summer for summer vacation. Of course to enjoy the Olympics. Yeah, I enjoyed a lot, I watched football, gymnastics etc. All London was decorated in colorfully and people were walking around with happy faces. Everything was so brilliant!!

On top of those my pleasant memories, one of the best is very happy but big surprise to meet one of my previous guests of TGCT. I was walking in Waterloo station in London one day with my whilte TGCT T-shirt and suddenly I saw one lady was approaching toward me, and she was wearing black TGCT T-shirt!! She is Donna who lives in California U.S.A. and had joined our tour in June this year with her husband Marvin. Can you imagine two people, one is from U.S.A. and one is from Japan with TGCT T-shirts met in very busy Waterloo station! More interestingly, both of us were about to join the bike tours in London and were heading to the meeting place šŸ™‚

So, please say something to me if you see me somewhere in the world!

“The encounter at Waterloo station”


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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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