Marathon in Tokyo

Following to cycling and kayaking, we are planning new launch of running tours. Recently we went location hunting, mostly tracing our “Route A cycling tour ” heading to Odaiba(”お台場”). The details are yet to be determined and we will post here when we’re ready.

Speaking of running, one of the biggest running events in Japan will be held in Tokyo on February 24th. Yes, it’s Tokyo Marathon! For years, the Tokyo Marathon was an elite-only race, but has became a mass marathon since 2007. Now about 300,000 people apply for only 35,000 spots. The news was announced last autumn that it became the sixth World Marathon Major, which definitely collects more and more interests from athletes around the world.

Although it is too late to enter for the 2013 race, you will enjoy it on the streets among the supporters cheering runners. Or, if you join our Route-B cycling tour on the day, you will come close to the race and be in a jubilant mood.

Tokyo Marathon 2013 HP
It starts from the Tokyo Metropolitan Office in Shinjuku and finishes at Odaiba. Runners will pass by a number of Tokyo sightseeing spots including the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Asakusa.


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