Cherry Blossoms Forecast 2013


It is still very cold and snowing a lot in mountain areas in Japan, so it may be a bit too early to think about cherry blossoms, but actually the spring is just around the corner!

As it happens every year, a few companies have already predicted and announced for this season when cherry flower starts to bloom and when they become full. Above is one of them and this company (Weather Map) forecasts that cherry blossoms may start to bloom in March 25 in Tokyo. (March 23 in Fukuoka, March 27 in Osaka, April 10 in Sendai and Niigata.) The other company says that it may be March 31 when flower start to open in Tokyo.) The forecast is forecast, so it is impossible to predict the flower open day 100% precisely, but that is why many people rather get excited to talk about this matter. To wrap up, the best timing to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo is the first week of April (between March 30 – April 7).

We can basically operate everyday even on Monday, Wednesday and Friday besides our regular tour on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So please feel free to ask us if you have no other choice to make a whirlwind trip to Tokyo. Check and make a reservation from our website 😉


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