Seasonal Sweets, Seasonal Tours

Do you like Japanese sweets? I do! Japanese traditional sweets are called “wagashi (和菓子)”. Wagashi has developed along with Japanese tea ceremony, and wagashi craftsmen try to express seasonal beauties in every piece of sweets to please your eyes and palates. Now cherry blossom season is just around the corner, “Sakura-mochi (桜餅)”, cherry-blossom flavored rice cakes are on display.
There are two types of Sakura-mochi; one is named “Domyoji (道明寺)”, the other is “Chomeiji (長命寺)”. Roughly speaking, the former was from Kansai area (around Kyoto and Osaka) and the latter originated in Tokyo. People have their favorites of the two, but both have a perfect combination of a sweet soft mochi with a scented cherry leaf. Then, how about leaves? To eat or not to eat? (That is the question.) The leaves are edible and I like to eat a lightly salted leaf together with a sweet mochi. But some people do not eat it.


This is a “Domyoji” type.

To celebrate one of the most festive seasons in Japan, we have arranged special tour weeks in the peak bloom weekends of cherry trees. Besides our regular bike tours, kayaking and running tours are scheduled in late March and early April. Choose your style and join us!
For details and reservation:
 Tokyo Great Cycling Tour HP  
 Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour HP
 Tokyo Great Running Tour, see Facebook page.


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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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