Tokyo 2020 Candidate City !

tokyo 2020


Hi, I’m Carlos ! Como vai voce ?

Probably you have already known that Tokyo is one of the three candidate cites to host 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, competing with Istanbul and Madrid. Now IOC committee members are visiting Tokyo to evaluate the sites and the plan. So you see many more flags or posters with the logo and slogan “Discover Tomorrow” in many places in the city.

Actually Tokyo lost the bid for 2016 Games and one of the reasons was the public support was not high enough, the IOC poll in last May also shows only 47 percents of Japanese support to host the Games. However the aggressive promotion of Tokyo 2020 Bid Comittee helped to raise the percentage of the public support and recent poll shows more than 70 percents of people are supporting it. I was originally favor to host the Games, and especially after my visit to London last summer I am really eager to watch my city hosting the Games!!

Do you know the true reason why Tokyo lost the last bid? This is because of ME!  I was in Rio De Janeiro on the winning bid day for 2016 Games and Rio was selected, and on top of that I was traveling in London on July 6, 2005 when the 117th IOC Session was held and London was selected for 2012’s Games. Hmm…, this seems more than just a coincidence. So I should really try to be in Tokyo on September 7 this year!

Today is the date to six months to the 125th IOC Session.



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