Senganen Garden in Kagoshima prefecture

Hi there,

I’ve been to Kagoshima, the prefecture in the southern part of Japan last week, so let me post a photo of Senganen Garden.

Senganen is the former second house of the feudal Kagoshima, and its garden attracts many tourists.


The garden uses a technique, called borrowed scenery, that uses background scenery as a part of the garden.

As can be seen in the photo, the garden incorporates the mountain (Mt. Ontake of Sakurajima) and bay (Kagoshima bay) as part of the garden (scenery).

It was not allowed for ordinary people to do phishing in the bay since it may disturb the scenery from the garden.

Indeed, this garden gives us lots of trails that indicate the history of Japan in this region.

For instance, the style of the garden indicates that it had strong influences from China and the Ryukyu kingdom (around Taiwan).

We can see a big rock that has huge letters on it (this is popular style in China), and we can also see gifts from the Ryukyu kingdom too.

Moreover, we can also enjoy watching the Satsuma-Kiriko, the handmade glass in this region, in the shops there.

There are far more attractions in this region.

Big cities are not the only places to visit in Japan.

Just spare a week to explore this region.


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