Arizona bicycle tour


Hi, I’m Yakko. This is the first time that I will write a blog in English.
I want to write about my bicycle tour of Phoenix. I went to Phoenix in the US for one week on vacation.
This was the first trip to Arizona. The aims of this trip were to meet friends from Hawaii, watch MLB spring training, and of course participate in a bicycle tour !
There are several bicycle tours operated by several companies. I chose one which looked exciting on the Internet. Also the tour fee is reasonable.
On the day of the tour, I went to the office early because I was a little nervous. I had never participated in a tour which targets English speakers.
But as soon as I met the guide named Rob, I relaxed. He is kind and friendly. The other guests from Chicago were also nice.
Rob drove us to Mount McDowell with the bikes. Before starting the tour, Rob gave our instructions and tips.
Since my husband and I were beginners at mountain biking, Rob thoroughly taught us how to control the bikes on the sandy mountain.
At the first 15 minutes, it was awful. I felt tired and was out of breath. Maybe it was because of the altitude. So I wanted to quit the tour.
But I thought that since I had come all the way from Japan, that I should continue. After 30 minutes of riding, I got used to it and felt much better.
I naturally learned how to control the bike on the sandy roads. At the break, Rob explained about the wildlife and native plants on the mountain.
That was so informative that I learned a lot about nature. Luckily I encountered a coyote with a rattle snake in his mouth. He was cuter than I thought he would be.
The time flew so fast. The enjoyable 2-hour tour ended. I had a great time on this tour.
Though the scenery was completely different from our TGCT tour, the tour was adventurous and very interesting.
In Tokyo we should be careful of cars and pedestrians while riding. When in Phoenix we had to be careful of cactuses.
If I have the chance to go to Phoenix again, I will definitely participate in the tour again, and try the intermediate course!



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Tokyo Great Cycling Tour started in 2006, showing around the city on the saddle by local guides. Offering seven different courses.

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