Kuma Kengo Series

  1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

Starbuck’s 5th flagship store opened in Tokyo on Feb. 2019.

The building was designed by Kuma Kengo. It is characterized by big wooden eaves with floating planter boxes. It looks simple from the outside but inside is more exciting , like a coffee factory. The interior was designed by Liz Muller.

This Starbucks will be full of people in the cherry blossoms season, because it stands just next to the Meguro River which is known for the 800 cherry trees on both sides.

15 minutes walk from the Nakameguro Station.

2. Pigment Tokyo Lab

A traditional art materials store at Tennoz Isle.

They have more than 400 kinds of pigments, brushes, ink stones, metal leaf and more. The facard and the ceiling of the store have gently curved blind-like bamboo. This is also designed by Kuma Kengo.

Only a 5 minutes walk, there are several nice spots such as T.Y. Harbor,TERRADA Art complex, a huge wall paining on the bondstreet, etc. Especially I recommend “T.Y. Harbor”. It was a warehouse, now it is renovated to a brewery restaurant, which offers handcraft beer and good modern American food on the broad terrace overlooking the canal. It is so pleasant.

The Tennoz Isle area is artistic and worth visiting.

    15 minutes walk from Shinagawa station / 5 miutes walk from the Tennoz isle station

3. New Shinagawa station (JR Takanawa Gateway station)

A new station is now being constructed on the site of former railway depot between Shinagawa station and Tamachi Station. It is going to be the 30th station in Yamanote circle line.

Designed by Kuma Kengo, all white building with a roof shaped anuglarly gets an idea from Japanese Origami. The roof is translucent.

The new name “Takanawa Gateway” has still its pros and cons.

It is going to open in 2024 (temporarily open in 2020).

Are you are interested in Kuma kengo’s other works? Join our architecture tour!

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