Jiro’s Cooking Class by TGT (JCCT) to be introduced soon!! FREE Trial on May 25!!!

Responding to various inquiries about Japanese cuisine  or Washoku,  Tokyo Great Tours are planning to introduce Jiro’s Cooking Class by TGT (JCCT) on top of famous cycling tour (TGCT), kayaking tour (TGKT) and running tour (TGRT)! JCCT features Washoku dishes that especially go well with beer, Sake and white wine :-)! Day Class starts at 11:00am […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.2 ~ by Carlos ~

Carlos, who is working for Japanese company during the week and has lots of chances to eat outside with his clients, has his long restaurants list. Today’s are Carlos’ favorites ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name :  武蔵 Musashi Shinbashi Karasumori Category :  Robata Yaki/Izakaya – Enjoy traditional Japanese Robata-yaki BBQ at very competitive prices @290 yen – Only […]

Cycling in Niseko, Hokkaido

Perhaps you’ve heard this name of Niseko as a good ski resort on the northern island of  Hokkaido. Since Australian skiers and snowboarders were enchanted by Niseko’s powder snow, this name has passed from person to person in the overseas countries and thus Niseko became very popular destination especially in winter. I am also one of them who love Niseko’s […]

We love cycling! We also love skiing!!

Photo Yukiko @ Manza Onsen Ski Area We are operating the bike tour also in winter season. Actually as we have told many times, cycling on a sky clear, sunny and crispy day in winter is very comfortable. All of TGCT staff love cycling in winter. However, at the same time, all of us also love skiing in […]

Rallarvegen – The most beautiful bike path in the world –

Hello, again.  After I left the Netherlands, I visited Norway. It’s another lovely place to cycle. I had heard about Rallarvegen – the former construction road for Bergen Railway from our tour guest, so cycling here  is what I had been looking forward the most this time. Rallarvegen was absolutely superb! It’ was like a fairyland. This is a must […]