Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.4 ~ by Sugiko ~

Sugiko, an able business woman working in Marunouchi in daytime and a funny Ukulele musician after sunset introduces her favorite restaurants in Tokyo. Here you go! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name, Area and Category  :  丸健水産  ~ 川栄 Maruken Suisan @ Akabane – “Oden” & Japanese standing bar Kawaei @ Akabane – Eel, Barbecued chicken Reason  :  Within […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.3 ~ by Kosuke ~

Kosuke, the youngest in TGCT staffs, is still at university of Tokyo and that’s why he knows many restaurants or cafes which are friendly on the wallet! Below are Kosuke’s favorites! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: 駒形どぜう / Komagata Dojo Category : weatherfish (Dojo) pot Reason why he likes : Enjoy the traditional Tokyo/Edo Food with 200 years […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.2 ~ by Carlos ~

Carlos, who is working for Japanese company during the week and has lots of chances to eat outside with his clients, has his long restaurants list. Today’s are Carlos’ favorites ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name :  武蔵 Musashi Shinbashi Karasumori Category :  Robata Yaki/Izakaya – Enjoy traditional Japanese Robata-yaki BBQ at very competitive prices @290 yen – Only […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.1 ~ by Etsuko ~

The New Michelin guide for Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe was published on October 22, 2010 and adding to 11 restaurants in Tokyo now there are 23 restaurants which have been given three stars in Japan. Nowadays Japanese cuisine is well known as one of the best and healthy foods in the world. Assuming that one of your main […]

Tsukiji Market temporarily shut down the visitor’s area at tuna auction site again

Today Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that the visitor’s area at tuna auction site would be temporarily closed for one month from April 8 to May 9, 2010. Starting from the end of March, the number of the visitors have increased to reach 500 visitors a day(90% of them are overseas tourists),  and people who are working at […]