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Beautiful Day in Lake Yamanaka

November 17, 2010

Hi !

My name is Kosuke, and I have been a tour guide for TGCT from this May.

On November 6th, I visited the Lake Yamanaka (, which is the highest and biggest among the Fuji Five Lakes. As I am a college student,  my original purpose was to go to the University of Tokyo’s  Yamanaka Lodge to join the friendly match of softball.

Normally, people go there by bus or their own cars. But as one bicycle lover, I decided to go by TGCT tour bike ! …but not all part of my trip lol

In the early morning, I got to Otsuki St. (大月駅-A) in Chuo Line. And at 6 a.m. my long and somewhat painful journey started.

99% of the way was uphill. Through 32 km, I had to clime up 624 meters. However, beautiful scene of Mt. Fuji always helped me to keep going.

Mt Fuji, from north side

After 3 hours of “endless” ride, I finally reached the Lake Yamanaka. It was such a sunny day, and I could enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji without cloud for the first time in my life !

Lake Yamanaka

I don’t really recommend visitors to make a trip as I did from Otsuki St. But rather, to go around the Lake Yamanaka seems to be the best. In the village, it’s easy to get a rental bicycle. And distance is only 14 km. Especially on this season, you will enjoy colored leaves !

colored leaves


Location: Lake Yamanaka (Yamanakako Village, Yamanashi Pref.)

How to get there: 2 hrs from Shinjuku by highway bus, or one hour and half by car… but totally depends on traffic



Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.3 ~ by Kosuke ~

November 10, 2010

Kosuke, the youngest in TGCT staffs, is still at university of Tokyo and that’s why he knows many restaurants or cafes which are friendly on the wallet!

Below are Kosuke’s favorites!


Name: 駒形どぜう / Komagata Dojo

Category : weatherfish (Dojo) pot

Reason why he likes : Enjoy the traditional Tokyo/Edo Food with 200 years of its history


マメヒコ / Mamehiko


-I believe it’s the best cafe in Shibuya, with great hospitality and organic coffee.

てん茂 / Temmo

– Tempura

– Long standing Tempura restaurant. profound atmosphere and plain Edo Tempura.


– Green Tea Parfait

– You can experience the taste of Kyoto.

小肥羊 / Xiao Fei Yang

– Hot Pot

– Convenient Access to the popular Chinese hot pot in Tokyo.

Photo @Komagata Dojyo