There is a happy hell in Japan !

Hi there. I am Masa. I visited snow monkey park in new year holiday with my family. We saw many monkeys soaking in the natural hot spring.That was very interesting. The official name of Snow monkey park is Jigokudani- Yaen-koen (地獄谷野猿公園) which literary means Hell valley wild monkey park. In Japan hot spring where we […]

Cold but beautiful winter morning in Tokyo

Hi there I am Masa. We had the coldest morning in Tokyo today. Temperature dropped to -2c. Please take a look at above photos. Some part of the moat, surrounding the Imperial Palace, were frozen. Can you realize that on the photos? I shot these photos on the way to our office. I bike to work every […]

The traditional event – Shichi – Go- San

Hi there. I am Masa again! Our family celebrated  Shichi-Go-San ceremony for my seven years old girl last Sunday. Shichi -Go-San literally means Seven-Five-Three in Japanese and we Japanese have a traditional event to celebrate their children’s healthy growing up at their three, five and seven years age. (Usually three years old and seven years […]

Weekend trip to Matsumoto and Kamikochi

Hi there. I am Masa. Two weeks ago I went out from Tokyo and enjoyed seeing colored autumn mountain. Friday night I stayed in Matsumoto city which is located  220 km from Tokyo, at the foot of mountain range, “Japan Alps”. Japan Alps was named by a British mining engineer in the 19th century. And Matsumoto is […]

Your kids would love it ! – Tokyo Toy Museum

Hi there. I am Masa. I visited Tokyo Omocha museum (Tokyo Toy Museum) with my two daughters aged 4 and 6. They have been there this summer, I was a first timer to there. Here is the link to this museum The museum building is a former public elementary school which once closed down […]

“Cosplay” event at the amusement park in Tokyo

Have you ever heard about ‘Cosplay’? ‘Cosplay’ comes from the words ‘Costume Playing,’ where young men and women dress themselves up as their favorite character in the TV animations or comics. Originally it’s one of Japanese subcultures but now has become so popular that “World Cosplay Summit (WCS)” is held every year and even is sponsored […]

One month has passed…

Sakura has come, also guests have come. We had the first guests this April. We enjoyed cycling and seeing cherry blossom. Now many people are going out of from their houses. People came back to the city and the park. Sakura looks like cheering us. And every time we are helped and encouraged by guests. […]