Cold but beautiful winter morning in Tokyo

Hi there I am Masa. We had the coldest morning in Tokyo today. Temperature dropped to -2c. Please take a look at above photos. Some part of the moat, surrounding the Imperial Palace, were frozen. Can you realize that on the photos? I shot these photos on the way to our office. I bike to work every […]

The traditional event – Shichi – Go- San

Hi there. I am Masa again! Our family celebrated  Shichi-Go-San ceremony for my seven years old girl last Sunday. Shichi -Go-San literally means Seven-Five-Three in Japanese and we Japanese have a traditional event to celebrate their children’s healthy growing up at their three, five and seven years age. (Usually three years old and seven years […]

Matsuri – Summer festival – season has come

We have many festivals and events all year round, but especially summer is a season when a lot of Matsuri (festival) are held in Japan. The world “Matsuri” literally means “enshrine” and so the origin of Matsuri comes from the ritual to pray and thank God for the abundant crops. Also it is very humid […]

Seasonal Sweets, Seasonal Tours

Do you like Japanese sweets? I do! Japanese traditional sweets are called “wagashi (和菓子)”. Wagashi has developed along with Japanese tea ceremony, and wagashi craftsmen try to express seasonal beauties in every piece of sweets to please your eyes and palates. Now cherry blossom season is just around the corner, “Sakura-mochi (桜餅)”, cherry-blossom flavored rice […]

Cherry Blossoms Forecast 2013

It is still very cold and snowing a lot in mountain areas in Japan, so it may be a bit too early to think about cherry blossoms, but actually the spring is just around the corner! As it happens every year, a few companies have already predicted and announced for this season when cherry flower […]

Marathon in Tokyo

Following to cycling and kayaking, we are planning new launch of running tours. Recently we went location hunting, mostly tracing our “Route A cycling tour ” heading to Odaiba(”お台場”). The details are yet to be determined and we will post here when we’re ready. Speaking of running, one of the biggest running events in Japan will […]

Setsubun, just before spring

This is the season when you find packs of beans with paper masks of funny goblins at supermarkets. Those are for Setsubun (“節分”) festival. Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring in the Japanese old lunar calendar, the name of which literally means “the day between seasons”. This year it falls on February […]