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Senganen Garden in Kagoshima prefecture

January 27, 2014

Hi there,

I’ve been to Kagoshima, the prefecture in the southern part of Japan last week, so let me post a photo of Senganen Garden.

Senganen is the former second house of the feudal Kagoshima, and its garden attracts many tourists.


The garden uses a technique, called borrowed scenery, that uses background scenery as a part of the garden.

As can be seen in the photo, the garden incorporates the mountain (Mt. Ontake of Sakurajima) and bay (Kagoshima bay) as part of the garden (scenery).

It was not allowed for ordinary people to do phishing in the bay since it may disturb the scenery from the garden.

Indeed, this garden gives us lots of trails that indicate the history of Japan in this region.

For instance, the style of the garden indicates that it had strong influences from China and the Ryukyu kingdom (around Taiwan).

We can see a big rock that has huge letters on it (this is popular style in China), and we can also see gifts from the Ryukyu kingdom too.

Moreover, we can also enjoy watching the Satsuma-Kiriko, the handmade glass in this region, in the shops there.

There are far more attractions in this region.

Big cities are not the only places to visit in Japan.

Just spare a week to explore this region.


The Asagaya Tanabata Festival

August 10, 2013

The “Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri” is one of the famous festivals in Tokyo.

It is a fun festival that is held annually, and this year is the 60th anniversary.

The festival is famous for the fancy decorations dangling from the ceiling of the shopping arcade. Well, these sentences cannot express the niceness of the scenery, so here is the photo.



It is only one street (well, it will be branched at the very end of the arcade, though), but it will surely entertain you a lot.

You can see many characters including famous cartoon or movie ones, such as one piece or spider man.







The festival continues until 11th (well, it means tomorrow ).


Gingko, an indispensable tree of Japan in this autumn/winter season

December 19, 2012

Japan is a country with four distinct seasons. Autumn is the season, when the color of the leaves changes.

Among many trees is Gingko, which changes the color of its leaves into yellow from late autumn till early winter. Tokyo has several passages that are surrounded by many Gingko trees, which cover the passage with their yellow leaves in these days.

Ginko is not only beautiful, but also tasty and useful. You can eat Ginko nuts. It is loved by Japanese people as a seasonal cuisine. You can also find Ginko as an ingredient of various cosmetics products.

If you are interested in how the Ginko trees are in Tokyo in these days, feel free to visit our facebook page. We’ve uploaded various photos there as well.

rent a bike in Berlin

October 26, 2012

Hi there,

It was such a sunny day here in Berlin. So I decided to go out for tourism by bicycle. Then the question was how I could get a bicycle. The hotel I stayed had some bicycles for rent, but they were a bit pricey. There were some shops that rent inexpensive bicyclies, but they were a bit distant from my hotel and I was unable to access there on foot.

My choice was gong to the DeutscheBahn-operated bike stands and rent a bike there. The picture shows the stand. We can rent a bike, and leave it any of the DeutscheBahn-operated bike stands. I used the bike to reach a rental bike shop, then changed my bicycle, and enjoyed tourism with the bicycle. Well, I could have used the DeutscheBahn bike, but the one from the rental bike shop was cheaper and comfortable for ride.

I feel that tourism by bicycle is becoming more popular among tourists. Indeed, there exist traffic lights for bikes in Berlin. The city is very friendly for bikes. Well, Tokyo is also changing and becoming more friendly for bicycle riders than ever, but yet to be improved further. I hope our activities in Tokyo will expedite the trend in Tokyo.

The tour on 15th Sep., 2012

September 16, 2012

Thank you for coming to the tour. Here are the photos. Hope to see you again in the future.

The tour on 8th Sep. 2012

September 16, 2012

I enjoyed the tour with you all. Thank you very much !

The tour on 23rd June

August 28, 2012

These are the photos I’ve taken during hte tour on 23rd June. Thank you all for joining the tour. We really enjoyed the tour with you all.

The tour on 19th Aug, 2012

August 20, 2012

Many thanks for joining us today (on 19th Aug, 2012), Andy, Mike, and Nick.

Though it was really hot today, we had lots of fun today.

Here are some photos of today’s tour.

We are looking forward to seeing you again !

Daytrip from Tokyo: firework festival at Lake Suwa

August 18, 2012

Hi there ! Have you been enjoying your days in Tokyo? Is it too hot for you? Then day trip from Tokyo could make you feel better.

I took a day trip to Suwa, where I enjoyed watching the firework festival on the lake Suwa. It is about 2 hours from Tokyo by using express train.

The firework festival is one of the biggest ones in Japan, and many tourism companies offer package plans. Though the firework festival was from 19:00, I arrived there around 11:03, so that I could enjoy the city itself. Below is the photo of the station.

The city has various attractions, such as the Shinshu soba (the noodle from this region), Suwa castle, cycling along the lake, famous shrines, hot springs etc. This time, thanks to the firework festival, I also enjoyed watching various stalls selling junk foods.

It is much cooler than Tokyo, and it could be a bit cold for some people in the night time. So if you go there, I would advice you to have a jacket or scarf for precaution.

The sushi roll lunch in Washington D.C.

July 13, 2012

Hi there! Today, I would like to post a picture I’ve taken in Washington D.C., at the lunch time today.

I’ve ordered a sushi roll lunch menu at a sushi restaurant. The taste was nice, and I liked it very much. On the other hand, I’ve found it rather interesting.



First, having rice in addition to sushi (or californian roll) is not usual to see in Japan since sushi itself has rice around it. Second, having gyoza (the fried meat dumbling) along with sushi is rather new combination for me.

They are different from Japanese custom, but it does not necessarily mean bad. I’ve seen many customers there, and they seem to be enjoying eating that. I believe these customization was necesary to provide customers more satisfactions here.

This recalled my past experience with my friend who came to Japan. Since I wanted him to enjoy Japanese meal, I’ve invited him to a very expensive sushi restaurant in Japan.

Though he said he liked it, he ended up with going to McDonalds after that, since he couldn’t feel full regardless of the amount of sushi he has eaten.

By providing these customized menu, I think customers here can enjoy the meal and can feel decently full.

Indeed, these interesting combination created a good harmony, thus I really enjoyed the lunch.

Well, if you would like to see how the sushi menu is in Japan, please come to Japan 🙂