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New Route Again! Downtown Riverside Ride

March 10, 2016


荒川サイクリング<Arakawa Cycling Road>

Yes, we will launch a new route again! – Tokyo Downtown Riverside Ride.This tour takes you to the east side of the city, where we will ride a lot along the river and canals. Very relaxing 26 km long course is relatively flat and there are cycling roads and parks, and you will see local people walking with their dogs, playing tennis or cycling with their beloved bikes.

CIMG4681 旧中川 やまゆき<Nakagawa>

Beautiful cherry blossoms trees are planted along the river, so the scenery in the end of March to early April is stunning!! But other seasons are also enough lovely 🙂

We’ll pick our food at popular local shopping street, called Sunamachi Ginza. This shopping street has about 180 small individual and unique shops. It is very interesting to have a fun chat with the owners of those retail shops and this is the reason the street is still bustling even a new big supermarket chain was built in the same area.


We will walk pushing our bikes and buy our food to take those to the river side for our picnic lunch.

CIMG4711 CIMG4709

Of course, we will stop at some sightseeing attractions, like Japanese Garden, Shinto Shrine etc. The below picture is in front of Kameido Shrine.


We will ride again along rivers and canals to back to our office.



If you want to try this new route with us, please send us a booking request through our website. The website is not ready yet for “Route F” but please tick “special” and mention “Route F” on others column.


Who’s gonna wear these?

January 13, 2015


IMG_4368 So many kawaii small cloths hanging on the shelf for sales. Many different designs and different color variation. Families and young couples are looking at them and wondering which one to take. Are they looking for something good for their kids? Yes, definitely for their kids, but they don’t look like much…

Here are their kids!

dog in kimono


According to the official data, there are about 20 millions dogs and cats as pets in Japan and especially in Tokyo people live in smaller apartments, small size dogs or cats are more popular. The shops sells many different types of cloths, fancy dress, sporty shirts, cap, socks, shoes, rain gear etc. etc…

The shop also sells the buggies for them.

IMG_4370 It is very interesting to look around the shop even though you don’t have any pets.



New “Free WiFi” service at Tokyo subway

December 1, 2014


Starting from December 1, 2014, Tokyo Metro and Toei subway companies start to offer free WiFi service to all the visitors to Tokyo. If you have an app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” (iOS/Android) on your smart phone, you can use internet at free of charge for three hours. This service is available at 143 stations of Tokyo Metro and Toei as well as Seven-Eleven or Narita and Haneda airport etc.

Cherry Blossoms Forecast 2014

March 14, 2014

sakura_front_600x450_2014       As we post a blog entry at this time of the every year, it is already the season people start to forecast when is the DAY in 2014. As cherry blossoms are very short-lived, we should not miss the chance! And also we need to well plan in advance for our Hanami Party (Flower viewing party) with our friends, family and colleagues etc as the time is really limited!!

This year, according to the latest forecast, the flower will start to bloom as usual year, which is on and around March 25 in Tokyo. And then it has its peak on around April 2.

MG_Tokyo  Tokyo

Some of our tours are already booked out, but we have also some tours still available. For the availability of our tours, please check out our website! Please don’t miss this chance to enjoy Sakura flowers by bike!


Your kids would love it ! – Tokyo Toy Museum

October 7, 2013

tokyo toy museum

Hi there. I am Masa.

I visited Tokyo Omocha museum (Tokyo Toy Museum) with my two daughters aged 4 and 6.

They have been there this summer, I was a first timer to there.

Here is the link to this museum

The museum building is a former public elementary school which once closed down due to the lack of students and then remodeled to museum a few years ago.

There are NO computer games, no Nintendo DS,  Wii or iPad etc.

Many toys are very traditional, created and made of wood.

That is a museum where we can not only watch toys  but we can also play with toys.  Needless to say my kids, actually I myself really enjoyed Tokyo Toy Museum.    I played some board games with my daughters, so much fun!

At the reception we booked workshop that is for making simple toy with their conductor.

My daughters made small paper crafts and drawings. They took back them home. It took about 20 minutes.

There are some staffs who help us how to play with toy.

When we could not realize how to use, it is better to ask their staffs. They are volunteer staffs and very helpful.

Finally we spent more than four hours there.

If you have a spare time and you are with your children, I recommend you to visit there!

There are some staffs speak English. Let them know by telephone that you are coming in advance, they can arrange staffs.

The museum is 5 minutes’ walk from Yotsuyasanchome station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line. Admission is 700 yen for an adult, 500 yen for a child.

They also have a package ticket 1,000 yen for one adult plus one child.

They close on Thursday. (You should join our Route B tour in stead!)

There are also Shobo Hakubutsukan (Fire museum) next to Yotsuyasanchome Station. Fire department is operating it.

But, sorry I have never been there.

Tokyo’s Great Restaurant Vol. 6 ~ by Kazu ~

September 25, 2013

Restaurant Name: New Kayaba  (ニューカヤバ)

Area: Kayabacho

Address: 2-17-11 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Category: “Izakaya”, Japanese Tavern

Business Hour: 17:00-21:00 Monday thru. Friday


Hello, this is Kazu. I would like to introduce my favorite Tachi-nomi (Stand and drink in Japanese) style “Izakaya”, a Japanese tavern, near our office. It’s only 3 minutes walk from our office and a wallet friendly tavern.


The tavern has counter tables with no chairs, so that customers stand and drink. What makes this place different from others is that there is a small BBQ
grill in the center, where customers can cook their own yakitori.
Yakitori is all self-service, so you can season with as much yakitori sauce
or salt as you wish!


Drinks such as draft beer, bottled beer and “Hoppy”, and foods including yakitori (raw), sashimi, salad and more dishes at @300 yen or less / each are served cash on delivery basis by shop employees. Sake (rice wine), wheat “shochu” which is a distilled alcoholic beverage, sweet potato “shochu”, and buckwheat “shochu” are supplied by vending machines. You can have enough drink and food there with 1500 yen or less. Of course, you can drink more, but you may feel tired after 6-hours bike tour and stay standing 🙂 Now it’s a good time to go back to your hotel with good memories of the day. If you are interested, please try this place!

M.N.YKanpai!! Together with other guides, Masa, Natsumi and Yukiko

The Asagaya Tanabata Festival

August 10, 2013

The “Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri” is one of the famous festivals in Tokyo.

It is a fun festival that is held annually, and this year is the 60th anniversary.

The festival is famous for the fancy decorations dangling from the ceiling of the shopping arcade. Well, these sentences cannot express the niceness of the scenery, so here is the photo.



It is only one street (well, it will be branched at the very end of the arcade, though), but it will surely entertain you a lot.

You can see many characters including famous cartoon or movie ones, such as one piece or spider man.







The festival continues until 11th (well, it means tomorrow ).


Matsuri – Summer festival – season has come

July 8, 2013

We have many festivals and events all year round, but especially summer is a season when a lot of Matsuri (festival) are held in Japan. The world “Matsuri” literally means “enshrine” and so the origin of Matsuri comes from the ritual to pray and thank God for the abundant crops. Also it is very humid and hot in summer, people need to pray for the future well-being.

It must be nice to experience Japanese Matsuri with local people, who may be much more open attitude than usual after a couple of beers and Sakes 🙂

Here are some of the scheduled Matsuri in Tokyo in this summer.

*July 13 – 15    (6pm- 9pm)     Bon Dance festival @ Tsukuda Island (Tsukishima station /Yurakucho line)

*July 13, 14   (2pm – 9pm)  Tsukishima Kusaichi  @Tsukishima (Tsukishima station/Yurakucho line)

*July 24-27  Kagurazaka Festival  @Iidabashi station (JR, Tozai, Yurakucho, Nanboku line)

* July 25, 26  Shimbashi Koichi Festival  @ Shimbashi station (JR, Ginza line)

*July 26, 27  Bon Dance festival @ Zojoji temple (Shibakoen station)

*July 27  (7pm – 8.30pm)   Sumidagawa Firework festival   @Asakusa

*July 31 – Aug 3   Tsukiji Honganji temple @Tsukiji (Hibiya line)

*Aug 10   Tokyo Bay Firework festival (6.50pm – 8.10pm)   @Odaiba

Enjoy Tokyo’s hot summer!!

Free Wifi spots in Tokyo – Update and wifi friendly hotel

June 21, 2013


There are more and more places starting to offer a free Wifi service these days compared to the time when we posted our blog last time about free Wifi spots in Tokyo.

[Convenience Store]

Seven Eleven : Seven Spot

Family Mart : Famima_Wi-fi


Starbuck : at_Starbuck_Wi2

Denny’s : Seven Spot (Same as Seven Eleven)


Tokyo Metro : Manta


Marunouchi Cafe Seek    1 min. from Tokyo sta., 5 min. from Yurakucho st.

Seibu department store   (Ikebukuro, Shibuya)   : Seven Spot

And of course   TGCT office  3 min. from Kayabacho sta.


And below is the list of hotels in Tokyo where you can use wifi in your room.

Keio Plaza Hotel  (will be available from the end of July ’13)
Jal City Yotsuya
Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premium 
Royal Park Shiodome
Shinjuku Washington Hotel 
Kanda Grand Central Hotel
Toyoko-Inn hotel chaine


Tokyo 2020 Candidate City !

March 7, 2013

tokyo 2020


Hi, I’m Carlos ! Como vai voce ?

Probably you have already known that Tokyo is one of the three candidate cites to host 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, competing with Istanbul and Madrid. Now IOC committee members are visiting Tokyo to evaluate the sites and the plan. So you see many more flags or posters with the logo and slogan “Discover Tomorrow” in many places in the city.

Actually Tokyo lost the bid for 2016 Games and one of the reasons was the public support was not high enough, the IOC poll in last May also shows only 47 percents of Japanese support to host the Games. However the aggressive promotion of Tokyo 2020 Bid Comittee helped to raise the percentage of the public support and recent poll shows more than 70 percents of people are supporting it. I was originally favor to host the Games, and especially after my visit to London last summer I am really eager to watch my city hosting the Games!!

Do you know the true reason why Tokyo lost the last bid? This is because of ME!  I was in Rio De Janeiro on the winning bid day for 2016 Games and Rio was selected, and on top of that I was traveling in London on July 6, 2005 when the 117th IOC Session was held and London was selected for 2012’s Games. Hmm…, this seems more than just a coincidence. So I should really try to be in Tokyo on September 7 this year!

Today is the date to six months to the 125th IOC Session.