Sakura forecast 2019

Recently announced latest forecast for this year’s cherry blossoms says it will start to bloom on around March 23 (see below map) and will be full bloom the end of March. So exciting! Some of our tours are becoming booked out. So if you are considering to join our tour, please fix your schedule, the […]

New route, our the 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo

We have recently launched our 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo. This route has 30 km and several hills, it will be the most difficult route among our seven various different routes. This tour is designed for people who have stamina and physical fitness. However, look at the picture! We are all […]

New Route Again! Downtown Riverside Ride

  <Arakawa Cycling Road> Yes, we will launch a new route again! – Tokyo Downtown Riverside Ride.This tour takes you to the east side of the city, where we will ride a lot along the river and canals. Very relaxing 26 km long course is relatively flat and there are cycling roads and parks, and […]

New “Free WiFi” service at Tokyo subway

Starting from December 1, 2014, Tokyo Metro and Toei subway companies start to offer free WiFi service to all the visitors to Tokyo. If you have an app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” (iOS/Android) on your smart phone, you can use internet at free of charge for three hours. This service is available at 143 stations of […]

Your kids would love it ! – Tokyo Toy Museum

Hi there. I am Masa. I visited Tokyo Omocha museum (Tokyo Toy Museum) with my two daughters aged 4 and 6. They have been there this summer, I was a first timer to there. Here is the link to this museum The museum building is a former public elementary school which once closed down […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurant Vol. 6 ~ by Kazu ~

Restaurant Name: New Kayaba  (ニューカヤバ) Area: Kayabacho Address: 2-17-11 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Category: “Izakaya”, Japanese Tavern Business Hour: 17:00-21:00 Monday thru. Friday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello, this is Kazu. I would like to introduce my favorite Tachi-nomi (Stand and drink in Japanese) style “Izakaya”, a Japanese tavern, near our office. It’s only 3 minutes walk from our […]